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Fence Installation Service

Pure Country Fencing™ fencing contracts Mountain Bark to install fencing projects with regards to split rail fencing. Mountain Bark installs all styles of split rail fencing which includes Post & Rail, Wildlife and Classic Old Country systems.

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10’ - 4 rail system –installed at Pitcher Residence, Wetaskiwin, AB Fall 2016
8’ - 2 rail system – installed by Mountain Bark for Sterling Spring Community Association, Springbank, AB
10’ – 3 rail system installed by Mountain Bark at Harmony Ridges Estates, for Deer Creek Developments, De Winton AB

Mountain Bark Fencing crew – Red Deer River Valley

10’ - 3 rail system – installed at Calgary Zoo, Penguin Enclosure

6' - 3 rail gate installation - DeWinton, AB


Post and Rail Set Depth Post and Rail Detail

Want to install your own fence like the Pros? No Problem. Here are some handy tips to help you do just that:

  1. Install corner post or end post plumb and straight
  2. Use a string line to ensure fence is straight
  3. Do not predrill post holes, but dig hole 8 or 10 feet on center using your rail as a guide. Drill each hole 27" deep to ensure bottom rail is approximately 12" from the ground.
  4. Use a 9" or 12" auger bit to drill post holes
  5. After first post is tamped and installed, dig or auger the next post hole. First, slide rails into the initial post and second, slide into the next post mortices before you tamp that post. Ensure to make any adjustments to post hole depth and alignment before you tamp each post.
  6. Tamp dirt around each post as it is installed.
  7. Continue installing rails until the line is complete.
  8. If needed, Add 2" minus crushed gravel as tamping material to solidify each post.
  9. Ensure that the wildest side of the rail is up.
  10. Add 3% to 5% to your materials list to account for changes, mistakes and measurement drift.

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